Month: May 2013

There is always another way

THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY Just occasionally we come across a wise, capable person in a position of responsibility, making lives around them agreeable and causing life, generally, to run smoothly. But only occasionally. . Mostly, positions of power and

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The Liar Flyer

I suggest it comes as no surprise, to the average British indigene, that our law takes a dim view of those who use bare-faced lying to gain advantage; such is a fundamental tenet of our culture. How perverse then, that

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“D MOCK CRASS Y” AND THE RULE OF LAW (Only one word in the English Language embodies both ‘crass and ‘mock’ Oh Citadel of Westminster, look down on your creation: millions of damned and blighted lives – the remnants of

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Oak gall

The rotten Oak lives on, replete with fruit; fed by its heart’s decay, it boasts success. Enthusiastic branches bow that trunk and pay full homage to its patronage. Once backbone’s true-grain majesty held sway but now corrupt, dark process feeds

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Bona Fides

Statement of Intent. It is so glaringly obvious, to the man on the Clapham Omnibus, that party politics is an aberration unique to governance (or pretence of governance) and that its continuance must indicate some deep incapacity in those who

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The unacceptable face of multiculturalism

The unacceptable face of multiculturalism Some decades back, Prime Minister Heath coined: “The Unacceptable Face of Capitalism”; he meant when capitalism is in rapacious and oppressive mode. We are currently hearing a tale of men from an alien culture (a

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David assesses Syria

“SYRIA’S HISTORY IS BEING WRITTEN IN THE BLOOD OF HER PEOPLE.” David Cameron, 13th May  2013   BRITAIN MUST INVADE AT ONCE! The Syrians need to be taught a lesson – one we learned long ago: ALWAYS WRITE YOUR HISTORY

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