Year: 2013

Woe Betidings (Christmas 2013)

God test ye, pseudo Christian Men You shall not get away. Remember that election Of twenty-Ten, in May? You pledged your souls to Satan’s power Now you shall know dismay! Oh – a hiding to nothing you are on You

The Glorious Fourth

Oh no, Westminster Creature This is not democracy. But the Final Battle’s coming And you must come to me! When you took up the lying way As tool of your black trade You little knew, as lies just grew There

Trickle Down

In this Age of Perversity, The following image is so sadly indicative of the Westminster culture today.

The Party MP

What is the mind-set of the newly elected MP? Do they imagine that they, personally, having gone through the high street, and from door to door, bestowing a few seconds – a rictus smile – and a fleeting handshake on

Number 75

From the “Benyon Zone” Westminster Diary 9th September 2013 on 09 September 2013. Strange things that happen to an MP Number 75 While I was at a constituency event on Friday night a woman appeared at my house with a

Ministerial Code

Foreword by The Prime Minister Our new government has a particular and historic responsibility: to rebuild confidence in our political system. After the scandals of recent years, people have lost faith in politics and politicians. It is our duty to

Core Malaise

The juror competence furore, that resulted from the Huhne speeding fiasco, is depressingly illustrative of Britain’s core malaise. Consider the The Electoral Roll. it encompasses potential MPs, voters, and jurors alike. Significantly, general competence is not an issue when attaining

ITAP In this Age of Perversity

I have dubbed the culture that Britain is now drowning in, The Age of Perversity. Since arriving at that coinage, I find that I open many topics with ITAP. It will get much worse before any chance of improvement. Government

The Case for Abstention

The turn out at general election continues to decline, as does the citizen voter’s view of the Westminster Creature MP. The need for an ‘ABSTAIN’ option at the polling booth is clearly established. It would cost nothing to implement and

Exhibit 6

Listening is not hearing Further to Exhibit 5, on reading Richard Benyon’s web site : “In addition to his campaigns on Trains, Broadband, Job’s and Skills and Flooding, Richard is actively involved in supporting his constituents with personal issues and